2023 WISE/R Symposium Photo Gallery

WISE/R Symposium 2023

Photo Gallery

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Our 2023 Symposium attendees share their WISE/R experience ...

"The WISE/R Symposium was a great event filled with amazing content and authentic speakers who provided both personal and professional advice. Worth attending."

— Beth Conroy | Vice President, Club Business Affairs, NHL

"Events like the WISE/R Symposium are a wonderful reminder to lift each other up, not tear each other down. We should be an ally to all and remember that women are capable of so much more than we think."

— Claudia Castillo | Director, Ad Streaming Ops, Major League Soccer

"The WISE/R Symposium event left me feeling inspired. To be surrounded by all these amazing women, and getting to meet new people — WISE is a community like no other! I will definitely be looking to attend next year!"

— Jane Obringer-Dunlap | Account Manager, StellarAlgo

"I was selected to attend this event with four of my work partners. Prior to that, I had never heard of WISE and honestly, I hadn't taken much time to research. I came in with an open mind, ready to take on the challenge. The symposium exceeded my expectations. I am proud to be part of a women's empowerment event and surrounded by people who — while they didn't know me — still wanted me to succeed, and provided the tools to help me get there. This event put a lot in perspective for me with regard to aiding my personal and professional growth. I would do it 100 times over!"

— Brianna Daniels | Customer Recovery Experience Manager, FanDuel

"Every time I gather with the women of WISE, in small groups or large, I gain inspiration from others and I am struck by how much I admire the women in attendance. It is always an empowering experience."

— Johanna Wagner | Owner, LMT Consulting