WISE/R Symposium

WISE/R Symposium 2019

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WISE/R Symposium Logo posted on a glass door

Speaker check-in desk at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

An attendee checking in at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

WISE/R Symposium app on an iPhone

Two ladies sitting behind a desk at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Speakers at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Speakers at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Jean Chatzky speaking at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Eric Hutcherson speaking at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

A speaker going around to attendees sitting around a table at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Speaker at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Speakers at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Speakers at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Attendees taking a group photo together at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Attendees taking a group photo together at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Two ladies writing down a "Word of Wisdom" note at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

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We're WISE/R!

Our 2019 Symposium attendees share their WISE/R experience...

“Since this was my first Symposium, it helped me realize exactly how widespread and unique the WISE network really is! Since I focus on the DC Chapter, I had no idea how many amazing and accomplished women (and men) are involved. It was refreshing to network and form relationships with some real power players!”

— Jana Brooks, WISE Washington DC

“This event invigorated me to do more for my fellow female peers and my chapter. The stories and life experiences shared during the panels impacted me as a woman and as a leader. I highly recommend this event for all levels of female leaders.”

— Alisa Bugaj, WISE San Diego

“Whether a seasoned business women who has been in the industry for many years or someone just entering into the sports industry, every female can benefit from the inspirational speakers, fabulous networking opportunities, and great camaraderie you feel when attending WISE/R or the Women of the Year Luncheon. The energy you feel in the room from women attendees coming from all over the U.S. is undeniable.”

— Janis Burke, WISE Houston

“To say I was inspired is an understatement. The structure and topics of the symposium were very impactful because they aligned with where I am in career path/thoughts and touched on challenges faced in the workplace for all women. The women selected as distinction were so motivating and impressive. The fact they came from all different walks of life, let’s everyone know they have a choice and chance to accomplish their dreams and goals no matter what obstacles they my face.”

— Natalie Gibbons, WISE Los Angeles

“Extremely informative as tools were not available early in my career.”

— Beth Green

“The experiences of everyone in the room is a collaboration of genius. It is awesome to hear the evolution of talented women in the business.”

— Kelly Hanna, WISE Pittsburgh

“I am inspired!”

— China Jude

“'Watch, listen, learn, lead.' This quote from WISE/R encompasses exactly what was provided in the experience. The speakers, topics and other offerings made for a day of soaking it all in. Eric Hutcherson and Jean Chatzky in particular were my favorites. I definitely hope to see them at another Symposium!”

— Bianca Lenz, WISE Twin Cities

“From the warm camaraderie and meaningful support to the delicious food for our minds and bodies, WISE events are the best!”

— Bridgitt Marlow, WISE Tampa Bay

“The symposium was informative and inspirational. I left that day and couldn't stop talking about it. The topics covered carry over into all aspects of life (professional and personal). I'm finding that in the week after the symposium, so many of the learnings have stayed with me and I'm working to put them into practice. I wish more men would attend because I think it would be very informative for them.”

— Natalie Mendoza, WISE NYC Metro

“After the 2019 WISE/R Symposium, I was ready to take on the world. Being in the room with such empowering women and speakers helped me to see the possibilities for my career have no cap.”

— Samantha Roy, WISE Tampa Bay

“What a journey. This was truly a great day and made me much wiser … [pun intended].”

— Josie Russell, WISE NYC Metro

“I loved the women with money piece with Jean! It was so interesting to hear about how to use money as a really powerful tool beyond the salary negotiations and to really dig into how to best save/spend money based on your personal goals. Was incredibly helpful in my personal life as well as professional.”

— Madison Leigh Savarese, WISE Washington DC

“#GettingWISER over the last two days has been incredibly invigorating and motivating. I left the conference ready to dive back into work with newly acquired knowledge and a positive attitude.”

— Alec Spivack, WISE Boston

“It was an honor to attend the WISE/R symposium and WISE Women of the Year luncheon. As a female professional in the sports industry for the past 14+ years, it was the first event I have attended where I have been surrounded by so many like-minded professionals. The conversation and networking opened more doors than any other conference or industry event I have attended.”

— Katie Wegener, WISE Dallas