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WISE/R Symposium


Navigating your career can be difficult and confusing at times. Where and how you start is not necessarily where you finish. You advance from contributor to manage, taking on more responsibility or a greater leadership role. Sometimes you transition because of personal interest and sometimes to meet changing organizational needs. 

The most successful leaders recognize that change is constant, so they pay close attention to the evolving needs of the organization and industry. In the process, they are mindful of the skills needed to make meaningful contributions. They know the value of growing their networks, identifying resources and determining where the opportunities lie. 

360-degree View

WISE/R Symposium, the first of its kind to focus solely on the personal and professional development of women in the business of sports, was launched in 2014. Taking a 360-degree view of working in sports, our sessions feature leaders across the industry sharing their stories, discussing trends, providing actionable career strategies and dispelling myths surrounding sports' biggest jobs. 

Each year, we look for new ways to connect and support WISE members. Come learn, be inspired and make valuable connections for your professional journey. let's get WISE/R together!