WISE/R Symposium 2022 Sessions

WISE/R Symposium 2022 Sessions

On Tuesday, March 8, join your fellow WISE members in New York City for our annual WISE/R Symposium, a one-day event that provides the opportunity to step away from your daily routine to focus on your personal and professional development.



8–9 a.m.  Registration | Networking Breakfast
9 a.m.–12 p.m.  Morning Sessions
12 p.m.  Lunch
1:15–5 p.m.  Afternoon Sessions
5–6 p.m.  Reception

All times are approximate and subject to change.


REAL Power: Machiavelli for Women
Sponsored by the National Football League
In the ongoing fight for equality, the ends often justify the means. Expanding on her "accessible, funny, clear-eyed and practical" guide to making strides in today's workforce, Machiavelli for Women author Stacey Vanek Smith shares how a 500-year-old book — Niccolò Machiavelli's The Prince — can be an instruction manual for breaking down barriers. In this conversation with Monica McNutt, Vanek Smith offers unique insight into how women can take and maintain power in careers where they have long been cast as second-best.

REAL Careers: Working in Esports
Even if you've never played video games competitively in your life, there is a billion-dollar industry waiting for you. Hear from esports insiders as they reveal some of the skill sets that translate to the gaming world, how to leverage your traditional sports/events/media experience to break into the business, and what to expect when working for an esports organization. If you're curious about the opportunities for women in this rapidly growing industry, these experts will take you behind the scenes and answer all of your questions.
Panelists: Paige Bonomi, Heather Garozzo, Heather Ouida
Moderator: Farrell Sweeney

REAL Teamwork: Women of Angel City
This year, the top women's soccer league in the country — the NWSL — will debut its newest team in the nation's second-largest market. But what makes Angel City FC so unique is that it was founded by one of the few majority-female ownership groups in professional sports. Hear how a group of powerful women — including actor and activist Natalie Portman, entrepreneur Julie Uhrman and venture capitalist Kara Nortman, among others — have joined forces to help Angel City take flight in Los Angeles.
Panelists: Sophie Kelly, Jess Smith
Moderator: Thayer Lavielle

REAL Talk: The Influence Equation
Sponsored by Major League Soccer
The ability to influence is the result of two opposing forces: persuasion and resistance. And in today's business landscape, getting things done hinges on how effectively you influence others. This interactive session introduces the latest skills and strategies to increase persuasiveness and reduce resistance, enabling you to strengthen your influence and get the results you desire. How do you get your needs to become a priority? How do you help your boss see that their latest proposal is unlikely to go over well with the team? How do you encourage your direct report to take more initiative? Learn how to move the needle in your favor, even when your responsibilities outweigh your authority.
Presenter: Stacy Heen Lennon

REAL Equity: From Allyship to AllySHIFT®
Sponsored by Octagon
What does it truly mean to be an Ally, and why is it so imperative? Find out from a woman who has spent decades as a staunch advocate for equity. Led by AllySHIFT® founder and creator Wendy Lewis, this session will introduce the initiative, a progressive and transformative approach to being an Ally and leading as one. You'll learn the characteristics and behaviors of Allyship and explore some of the challenges and rewards of making the "shift" toward advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. AllySHIFT® is for everyone and is applicable within and outside of the workplace. This interactive experience is sure to enhance your role as a leader and an influencer.
Presenter: Wendy Lewis

REAL Insight: The Master Class
Sponsored by the National Hockey League
For a quarter-century, WISE has recognized extraordinary women — those who have broken barriers, acted as a voice for other women and made a significant impact on the business of sports. In this session, our 2020 WISE Women of the Year honorees share their challenges, pivotal moments of leadership and insights from their unique journeys. How can you recognize those big transitional moments and know what to do when they are right in front of you? How do you build your career and position yourself for leadership? What would you tell your younger selves? Honorees answer questions like these and more.
Panelists: Susan Cohig, Rosalyn Durant, Elizabeth Lindsey, JoAnn Neale
Moderator: Caroline Clarke

Agenda, timing, sessions and speakers are subject to change.