Strategic Framework 2020–2025

Our five-year action plan is guided by our strong desire to ensure all female sports business professionals have the opportunity and support to reach their full potential.

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WISE Mission + WISE Chapters = Powerful Influence

United in empowering women in sports business, WISE’s growing roster of chapters helps deliver the professional development resources and opportunities that drive careers forward.

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Who We Are

WISE Members are Leaders

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Become a Member

With WISE, you’re never alone in your professional journey. Benefit from the knowledge and support of industry peers and advance your career with our leadership training resources. We are WISE/R together!

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Build Your Network with WISE Connect

How often have you encountered a professional challenge and needed a sounding board? Drawing on your WISE network for that guidance and inspiration is about to get easier. Connect with other members on our new community platform.
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Wise Council

WISE thanks our WISE Council partners for their year-round commitment, publicly demonstrating they understand the importance of supporting the recruitment and advancement of women in the business of sports.