2022 WISE/R Symposium

WISE/R Symposium 2022

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Our 2022 Symposium attendees share their WISE/R experience ...

"This was my first time attending the Symposium. I found the panels insightful and helpful for me to grow as a leader. It was great to network and receive great advice and feedback from other members."

— Ioonna Felix | Site Manager for HSS Westside Sports Institute (Rehabilitation and Performance), Hospital for Special Surgery | WISE NYC Metro

"I learned a lot at the WISE/R Symposium, but what I really gained is reassurance that no one has all the answers and we aren't in our roles because we have the answers, but because we have the ability to figure it out."

— Alyssa Goldberg | SVP Human Resources, Legends Hospitality

"I thoroughly enjoyed the WISE/R Symposium and am so happy that I took the time to attend and invest in my professional development. It felt so good to be surrounded by radiant women all wanting to learn and support each other. The speakers left me with new ideas and the motivation to continue shining bright!"

— Gia Petracci | Director of Sales, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Levy | WISE Atlanta

"The Master Class with the Women of the Year recipients was powerful — it reminded me it's OK to be authentically me, someone who routinely uses her voice and not apologize for it."

— Nicole Pincus | Vice President Partnership Strategy, BSE Global | WISE NYC Metro

"The WISE/R Symposium was a day full of inspiration and valuable learnings. From the onset, it was clear the event would overflow with viewpoints and lessons we could immediately bring back to our office. Even after the Symposium concluded, our team shared lively conversations about the topics and our favorite quotes from each session. Can't wait to implement what we learned this year and return to the Symposium next year!"

— Hannah Rickards | Fan Engagement Coordinator, World Racing Group | WISE Charlotte

"Using my voice — for self and other women/marginalized groups — is the main theme I took away as a whole from the entire day and particularly from the Women of the Year honorees. Their authenticity and vulnerability were both relatable and inspiring. I left energized and feeling fortunate, and connected to some really incredible women in the industry."

— Heidi Simmons | Vice President, Strategy & New Concepts, Newbridge Marketing Group | WISE DFW

"This symposium was my first introduction to the WISE community and I could not have been more pleased with the professional development experience and overall content of the sessions. The open and honest advice during the Master Class was inspirational and educational. There was so much to take away from this event in networking, advice, and swag!"

— Jessica Smith | Senior Associate Creative Operations, FanDuel

"The WISE/R Symposium was one of the few events I've attended where I felt that panelists gave real, practical information to help women advance in their careers. Oftentimes we put female leaders on pedestals and they can seem perfect and polished, but the Women of the Year were all real, vulnerable and relatable, and made others feel that they too, could achieve their career goals."

— Vanessa Ward | Project Manager, Chicago Cubs | WISE Chicago

"The WISE/R Symposium creates a sense of belongingness that allows women working in sports and events to know they are seen, heard, felt and most importantly, challenged and supported. It's a unique shared experience where women can finally walk into a room and be in the majority."

— Janelle Wells | Associate Professor, University of South Florida | WISE Tampa Bay