WISE/R Symposium

WISE/R Symposium 2018

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Registration desk at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Registration support desk at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Attendees taking photos at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Attendees conversing at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Speakers at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Speakers at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Speakers at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Speakers at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

REAL Relationships Speed Mentoring Roundtables presentation at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Attendees sitting around tables at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Speaker at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Panelists and moderator speaking at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

An attendee writing on a post it at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Speakers at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Attendees taking a picture together at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Attendees taking a picture together at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

Attendees taking a group picture at the WISE/R Symposium 2016

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Our 2018 Symposium attendees share their WISE/R experience...

“The symposium was filled with so many amazing guests, and the presentations were all relevant to my daily work. The conversation with Cynthia Marshall was one I could have listened to all day. Valerie Gordon forced me to look at my own story and take inventory on how it reads today and what I want it to read in the future. Finally, the lunch format of sitting at tables with attendees with the same number of years of experience was also very insightful. The speed mentoring conversations were candid, and everyone was able to add to the discussion based on real-life experiences.”

— Josephine Allevato, WISE NYC Metro

“WISE/R Symposium and the WISE Women of the Year Awards Luncheon were invigorating. To hear about other women’s paths to success in their careers — or whatever they define success as — was very interesting and enlightening. It felt like a breath of fresh air to be an attendee, and I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this sisterhood.”

— Stacy Benaderet, WISE Los Angeles

“I’m proud to be a part of the WISE sisterhood. It is a fierce community of powerful and intelligent women. Each year, I leave the symposium energized and equipped with great takeaways.”

— Christine Castro, WISE NYC Metro

“Attending WISE/R re-energized me. It was refreshing to see the fellowship of women in the industry from across the country. I was working on my blog before attending the conference, but developed writer’s block and stopped writing; however, because of the different panels, I was able to create new topics from the conversations being had. Thanks, NBA/WNBA, for the headshot and WISE for the experience, along with the memorable and exciting time.”

— Dr. Tara M. Collins, WISE National

“If you want to be motivated and moved by electrifying and thoughtful leaders in the sports community, then this symposium is a must do for you. Listen hard as each leader discusses her path up the ladder and the pitfalls that created hurdles to success. Everyone can take applicable knowledge and tools from the symposium speakers and put them to use the very next week in their businesses.”

— Kelly Hanna, WISE Pittsburgh

“I had high expectations for WISE/R, and yet they were exceeded. Everything about it — from the attendees to the speakers and emcees to the production and venue — just shouted ‘powerful, strong women.’”

— Rebecca Hemby, WISE Chicago

“This event was the most inspiring and impactful event I have ever attended. I grew up in a place where sports is not a known career industry and the few sports professionals are all men. This event allowed me to witness amazing women in the industry who are paving the path for young women like myself. I am inspired, excited and energized to continue the legacy and blaze the trail for those coming behind me.”

— Andria Johnson

“WISE/R Symposium surpassed my expectations and is a unique conference. The focus on personal development, within the context of the sports world, is well worth the time. Speakers were engaging and inspirational. I’m so glad I went.”

— Debbie King

“Speaker Valerie Gordon — she made me think and cry. Cynthia Marshall — she made me cry and want to fight for more. I want her to be my mentor, and I want to work for her. I hated having to go back to work after being around so many smart, bold and loving women.”

— Natell Miller, WISE Greater Raleigh

“WISE/R Symposium is something I look forward to every year as a way to get more educated with what is going on in our industry. I relish the time I get to speak to highly influential women who sit at the decision-making table.”

— Paulina Rojek, WISE NYC Metro

“I loved the Speed Mentoring Roundtables session. It gave an opportunity to interact with people who you may be too shy to talk to or not have an opportunity to meet. It was powerful to hear how someone who is established in the industry would go about certain situations or opportunities and learn a perspective that you may have never thought of before.”

— Toni Schutte

“WISE/R Symposium helped me to refocus. It helped me see my potential and challenge myself to continue to go after what I want. It’s always good to hear that women in positions of power have or had the same fears and uncertainties as you. We may not have the same journey, but we have the same things attacking our productiveness and our ability to accomplish our goals. Thank god for the sisterhood!”

— Clara Vazquez, WISE South Florida