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Speed Mentoring Roundtables

WISE Speed Mentoring Roundtables at a WISE chapter near you

A WISE Within National Signature Event

Join us for a unique mentoring experience that merges the best of two popular event platforms — the executive roundtable and speed networking. 

Speed Mentoring Roundtables, a WISE Within national signature mentoring event, launched in January 2014 as our annual recognition and celebration of National Mentoring Month. This Interactive event brings you up close and personal with industry veterans and peers to discuss career and professional development topics that are important to you. 

The brainchild of WISE Los Angeles chapter, the event was piloted in 2013 as an opportunity for WISE members to pay it forward. Its great success — with more than 70 participants — led to the rollout of the event across all WISE professional chapters and its designation as a "WISE Within National Signature Event."

How It Works

This fast-paced, engaging event provides you with a seat at the table with a seasoned industry veteran and peers to discuss career and professional development topics that are important to you. The event is structured so that you are pre-assigned to a small, peer group roundtable. Mentors rotate among roundtables to allow each peer group to meet with multiple mentors and garner different perspectives. 

Resources and Relationships

At WISE, we have seen firsthand that mentorship is more than a single one-to-one relationship. Our Speed Mentoring Roundtables event is to bring mentoring to all WISE members — providing the platform to participate in meaningful dialogue and offering easy access for connecting with peers and building strong relationships. 

An Annual Event

Speed Mentoring Roundtables takes place every year in January during National Mentoring Month.

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