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Clean Sport Collective

Category: Sports


If you are interested in sports that are drug-free and encourage athletes to make the right choices, then this is the podcast for you. Created by Kara Goucher, Chris McClung and Shanna Burnette, it interviews a range of athletes as well as administrators such as Travis Tygart (CEO of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) and sponsors such as Kevin Rutherford (CEO of Nuun Hydration).

The first episode interviews Travis Tygart and provides insight into what makes him tick and his passion for having sport be clean. What I found fascinating — but horrifying at the same time — was his discussion about the threats he and others who work in anti-doping receive from those who don't want what they are doing to be brought to light. For those who just want the sport to be clean and ethical, continuing their work shows real courage and determination.

I also liked the twist on the future of testing — where it may be more about proving (and certifying) that athletes are clean, as opposed to just finding the cheats — which is a really interesting way to think about it. It would mean that athletes would come to the Olympics or any major sport pre-tested and verified that they are clean, so you aren't wondering if they won fairly or if they were drug-assisted.

Overall, I came out with enormous respect for the people who do this work in every country, who stand up to those sports that are covering up their own doping, and who want to hold all athletes to a high standard so that those who compete know they are all on an even playing field. Definitely worth listening to.

Submitted by: Jane Hollman | WISE NYC Metro | 15+ years professional experience

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