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Sales 2.0

When we think of sales, we typically think of cold calls and rejection. The reality is, selling pervades all we do in our daily lives. At the 2017 WISE/R Symposium, executives Sarah Tourville, Kim Stone and Ann Rodriguez peeled back the sales curtain. Here we share their insights and show how when we begin to consider sales as a medium to align brands, a way to engage audiences and a bridge to partnerships, we see its impact on our careers.

Each week, we’ll bring you their insights with a new video post.

The Sales Factor

Innovation, Technology and Data

The Sales Funnel

Panelists (from L to R on stage):

  • Elisa Padilla, Senior Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer, Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment (Moderator)
  • Sarah Tourville, Senior Vice President, Sports Brand Partnerships, FOX Networks
  • Kim Stone, Executive Vice President, Miami Heat, and General Manager, AmericanAirlines Arena
  • Ann Rodriguez, Vice President, Business Operations, Atlanta United FC

Titles reflect positions panel participants held at time of event.


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