WISE Women of the Year

WISE Women of the Year Honorees

four WISE Women of the Year Awards

WISE Honorees: Complete List

2024 | Ayala Deutsch, Kate Johnson, Michele Kajiwara and Renee Chube Washington

2023 | Andrea Brimmer, Jill Gregory, Hillary Mandel and Carla Williams

2020* | Susan Cohig, Rosalyn Durant, Elizabeth Lindsey and JoAnn Neale

2019 | WISE Women of Distinction: Anita DeFrantz, Janet Fletcher, Lisa Murray, Michele A. Roberts and Suzanne Smith

2018 | Lindsay Amstutz, Sarah Robb O'Hagan, Kim Stone

2017 | Doris Burke, Buffy Filippell, Amy Trask

2016 | Renie Anderson, Kathy Behrens, Karen Brodkin

2015 | Amy Latimer, Lara Price, Mary Scott

2014 | WISE Women of Distinction: Val Ackerman, Chris Driessen, Barbara Paddock, Judy Sweet

2013 | Sharon Byers, Danielle Maged, Carol Stiff

2012 | Gail D. Hunter, Kim Williams, Marla Miller

2011 | Stacey Allaster, Lisa Baird, Wendy Lewis

2010 | Jean Afterman, Roxanne Jones, Jennifer Storms

2009 | Kathy Carter, Jamie McCourt, Jacqueline Parkes

2008 | Rita Benson LeBlanc, Pam Oliver, Molly Solomon

2007 | Cindy Alston, Mary Carillo, Donna Orender

2006 | Sheila C. Johnson, Beatriz Perez, Mary Wittenberg

2005 | Christine Brennan, Christine Driessen, Jo Ann Ross

2004 | 10th Anniversary Commemorative Luncheon (No honorees named.)

2003 | Dockery Clark, LeslieAnne Wade, Deborah Yow

2002 | Billie Jean King, Lesley Visser

2001 | Lee Ann Daly, Kathleen Francis, Stephanie Tolleson

2000 | Marla Messing, Kim Ng, Sue Wellington

1999 | Nancy Brinker, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Pat Summitt

1998 | Val Ackerman, Robin Roberts, Elizabeth (Eli) Primrose-Smith

1997 | Liz Dolan

1996 | Lydia Murphy-Stephans

1995 | Sarah Levinson

* Celebrated in 2022 due to COVID-19 pandemic. No honorees named in 2021 or 2022.

WISE Champions

From 2011 through 2018, a WISE Champion Award was presented at the Annual Awards Luncheon to recognize a male executive who has advocated for the advancement of women in the workplace. The recipient was selected by the WISE national board based on the following criteria: 

  • champions the role of women in the business of sports through the successful creation of new jobs, mentoring and networking opportunities
  • clearly communicates a vision for women in the industry and their continued advancement
  • shows consistent commitment to the promotion of women's careers and recognition of their professional accomplishments

2018 | Masai Ujiri, president and general manager of basketball operations, Toronto Raptors 

2017 | Ted Leonsis, owner and CEO, Monumental Sports & Entertainment

2016 | John Skipper, former president, ESPN, Inc. and co-chairman, Disney Media Networks

2015 | Casey Wasserman, chairman and CEO, Wasserman Media Group

2014 | 20th WISE Women of Distinction Luncheon (No award recipient named.)

2013 | Dick Ebersol, former chairman, NBC Sports

2012 | Sean McManus, chairman, CBS Sports

2011 | Ross Greenburg, former president, HBO Sports