WWOY 25 Years

Emcees Play Key Role in Luncheon Success

Tracy Wolfson on stage speaking as the emcee of the award luncheon

Tracy Wolfson emcees the 2018 Women of the Year Awards Luncheon.

To pull off an event that matches the prestige the WISE Women of the Year Award has come to represent requires a strong cast of supporting players, and perhaps none more important than the emcee. She’s the first and last person attendees hear from, tasked with setting the tone, keeping the audience engaged and entertained, and ensuring the program runs smoothly and on time.

Over the course of their careers, the female sportscasters who’ve filled the role for us have reported on and from the sports world’s biggest stages, including the Super Bowl, Masters, Triple Crown, U.S. Figure Skating Championships and Olympics. Since 1995, they’ve carried the show on our biggest stage, and we thank them for the energy, professionalism and enthusiasm they’ve brought to the job.

Past Emcees

Side profile of Ann Liguori

Ann Liguori
Golf Channel

Headshot of Donna de Varona

Donna de Varona
FIFA Women’s World Cup

Headshot of Lesley Visser

Lesley Visser
ABC Sports
1998–99, 2001

Headshot of Paula Zahn

Paula Zahn
FOX News Channel

Headshot of Andrea Joyce

Andrea Joyce
NBC Sports
2002–04, 2007, 2009–10, 2014

Headshot of Rene Syler

Rene Syler
CBS News

Headshot of Suzy Kolber

Suzy Kolber

Headshot of Tracy Wolfson

Tracy Wolfson
CBS Sports
2008, 2011–12, 2014–15, 2018–19

Headshot of Lindsay Czarniak

Lindsay Czarniak

Headshot of Jane Pauley

Jane Pauley
CBS News

Headshot of Pam Oliver

Pam Oliver
FOX Sports