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WISE/R Symposium 2015 Photo Gallery

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Our 2015 Symposium participants share their WISE/R experience …

"The opportunity to share experiences and network with other fellow female industry professionals is rare. WISE/R allows for that at all levels. There is no limit to who you can and cannot talk to and everyone seems to have the same goal, lifting up other women. We need more of that in the professional world, not just in our industry but in all industries." 
    — Dawne Hanks

"This symposium gave me an opportunity to pick the brains of women in diverse areas of the sports industry. Being able to tap into their knowledge and experience even briefly was invaluable."
    — Kelly Hanna

"Perhaps I did not have high expectations because I learned about this late, but the symposium was outstanding, with real insight into many of this challenges women face — not in a theoretical sense, but in real, practical ways. I felt as though the content was well-targeted, applying to women at all stages of their careers, and there were many moments when I felt that the speakers had been right in my head! It certainly was far superior to any other similar women-oriented or general professional development seminars I have attended and that was a testament to the truly engaging and captivating speakers. Katty Kay, Audrey Murrell and Ella Bell in particular were stellar — from someone with limited attention span who thinks she is smarter than many others, I can tell you they held my interest and taught me a lot!"
    — Sylvia Lind

"I am grateful I was able to share this educational experience with the powerful women in my company and look forward to more WISE events in the future. " 
    — Erin Ross

"What an outstanding group of women! One was brighter, wittier, funnier and more engaging than the next. Kudos to Kathy Francis and the WISE board for their selection of these truly engaging informed and "available" standouts in the world of sports."
    — Margaret Sullivan

"The symposium was a wonderful experience! Getting to listen to and network with so many successful women was beyond inspiring. I took away several actionable tools and ideas that I can use in my career both right now and in the future. I can't wait until next year."
    — Erin Underwood