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Chapter Spotlight: WISE Tampa Bay

Speakers at a WISE Tampa Bay event

WISE Tampa Bay members at a private tailgate area at a football game

WISE Tampa Bay chapter event with members sitting down around tables and a speaker at the front of the room

Members mingling at a WISE Tampa Bay event

Two WISE Tampa Bay women dressed in hockey gear

Members at a WISE Tampa Bay event

Members at a WISE Tampa Bay WISE Within event

WISE Tampa Bay members at a football game

Members at a WISE Tampa Bay event

Members sitting around a table conversing at a WISE Tampa Bay event

Members at a WISE Tampa Bay event

Chapter President's Corner: Michelle Harolle

What inspired you to found WISE Tampa Bay?
Tampa Bay is a flourishing market for sports and events with an abundance of talented women. Launching our chapter provided an opportunity and outlet that was previously lacking. Our members now have the network and resources to continually engage, learn and be empowered by one another.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of being chapter president?
I was inspired to lead this cause as I believe so strongly in the mission of the organization. It is my honor to work alongside the leaders of industry and be a uniting force in our community.

What impact has WISE Tampa Bay had on the local community?
In our first year alone, we welcomed over 300 members. This immediate surge of interest really resonated with me as it was clear that WISE’s mission and offerings were desperately missing from our community. Every organization has been extremely supportive of WISE Tampa Bay and the sense of unity created has been immeasurable. It is a remarkable feeling at each of our events to witness women coming together to form new friendships, find a supportive outlet and learn about important issues. Overall, I am confident that our chapter has enriched our community by creating a stronger, more educated and inspired environment for women in sports and events.

What drives WISE Tampa Bay?
The continual growth and evolution of WISE Tampa Bay drive our chapter. We have seen unprecedented success in our first year which makes me excited about what we can accomplish in year two and beyond. Our goal is to continually inspire, educate and empower women and to provide them with the tools needed to succeed in every stage of their career.

What's next for WISE Tampa Bay?
After setting a solid foundation in our first year, we collected data and are listening to our members on ways that we can continually improve and provide the best experience. We aim to strengthen our event offerings and partnerships, while continuing to grow our membership and mentorship programs.

List three adjectives that best describe WISE Tampa Bay.
Engaged. Inspired. Driven.

Chapter Overview

Year Founded: 2018

Founding and Current Chapter President: Dr. Michelle Harrolle

Founding Board Members: Dr. Michelle Harrolle, Claire Lessinger, Michelle Davidson and Michelle Gervais

Most Popular Event: Outside the Batter's Box hosted by the Tampa Bay Rays - Building and Maintaining your Personal Brand

Most Interesting/Highly Attended Speaker/Topic: Beyond Barriers - Because of Title IX: "If you can see her, you can be her"; Speaker: Donna Orender, Jane Castor, Lauren Holtkamp, Tiffany Greene and Magie Cook

Approximate Number of Events Per Year: 14

Event Price Range: Typically, free - $20 for members; $10 - $30 for non-members

Average Event Attendance: 30

Do you offer Speed Mentoring Roundtables? Yes

Corporate partners/Sponsors: USF Vinik Sports and Entertainment Management Program, Tampa Bay Sports Commission, Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay Lightning and Tampa Bay Buccaneers