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Mental Health: Coping with Your Feelings

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In response to the pandemic, many people are experiencing depression, anxiety and fear, and the reasons for these feelings can vary. For working adults, these feelings may be the result of job loss or financial insecurity. For college graduates, they may arise from an unstable job market. And for older adults, these feelings may originate from more rigid social-distancing practices and general worry about COVID-19.

Though we may not be able to fully carry out our daily routines as we once knew them, keeping some aspects of previous routines and incorporating new ones is one way to help us deal with the feelings we currently have. “Try to find some predictability where you can,” Dr. Andrea Bonoir wrote for Psychology Today. “Little aspects of keeping our routine can help us feel calmer.”

For more guidance on assessing, coping with and better understanding what you’re feeling, below is a selection of resources we found. Please note that these resources are not a replacement for professional help. Reach out to your primary care physician or a licensed therapist to discuss the proper treatment for you. The American Psychological Association and Psychology Today offer directories, searchable by location, for psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists.