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WISE/R Symposium 2018 Schedule and Sessions

WISE/R Symposium

June​ 12, join your fellow WISE members in New York City for our annual WISE/R Symposium, a one-day event that provides you the opportunity to step away from your daily routine to focus on your personal and professional development.



8–9 a.m.  Registration sponsored by AEG | Networking Breakfast | Headshots sponsored by NBA/WNBA

9 a.m.–12:15 p.m.  Morning Sessions

12:15–1:30 p.m.  Lunch  |  Speed Mentoring Roundtables

1:30–5 p.m.   Afternoon Sessions

5–6:30 p.m.  Reception


REAL Careers: Women in Operations
Sponsored by the NFL
Long thought to be “for men only,” front offices across sports are seeing more women in operations roles. These women are in rare air as they step to the table to discuss collective bargaining, player development and more. Writing about the NBA, Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck said, “They are the vanguard, the first to walk through corridors, both literal and figurative, that had been off-limits for generations. … A team CEO, yes. A GM, no.” Who will be the first? Our panel takes an honest look at the commitment and skills needed to thrive in this space.
Panelists: Anne Doepner, Sarah Gelles, Teresa Resch | Moderator: Sarah Kustok

Featured Session — REAL Conversation: The Next Chapter
Meet the CEO of the Dallas Mavericks. After a successful 35-plus years in telecommunications, Cynthia Marshall retired to start her own consulting firm. After an unsolicited call and subsequent meeting, Marshall finds herself in a new role in a new industry. Will this be the most interesting chapter of her career? Marshall shares her insights with WISE national board chair and president Kathleen Francis.

REAL Leadership: Executive Education
Dubbed the most valuable program for women in the sports industry, the WISE Executive Leadership Institute provides participants with the tools and resources to become more effective leaders. Hear from WELI alumnae as they detail the lessons learned, the personal gains and the reasons you should consider attending.
Presenters: Michele Kajiwara, Laurie Kepron, Qiava Martinez

Featured Session — REAL Power: Owning Yours
Sponsored by the NHL
Referred to as the most powerful woman on Wall Street, business icon Sallie Krawcheck sits down with author and journalist Mary Pilon for a candid conversation about the new set of rules for professional success. With her best-selling book, Own It: The Power of Women at Work, Krawcheck offers a new kind of career playbook — lessons and advice you won’t want to miss.

REAL Relationships: Speed Mentoring Roundtables
Sponsored by FOX Sports
Speed Mentoring Roundtables embraces the best of the executive roundtable and speed networking platforms to provide participants with an opportunity for meaningful dialogue and connections. Take a seat at the table with a seasoned industry veteran and peers, and discuss career and professional development topics that are important to you. Mentors rotate among roundtables to allow each peer group to garner multiple perspectives.
Facilitator: Cheryl Walker-Robertson

REAL Communication: Telling Your Story
The stories we put out to the world impact the way others see us and the opportunities we’ll receive; the stories we tell ourselves determine our course of action. Knowing your story and how to tell it is an important skill to have in business today. This interactive session will guide you in applying the principles of storytelling to your own career. Learn how to maximize your backstory, identify your cast of supporting characters and fact-check a pesky internal narrator.
Presenter: Valerie Gordon

REAL Innovation: Success in the Digital Economy
Sponsored by ESPN
The digital economy is changing the competitive landscape. This session will explore how sports organizations are using data and analytics to make better decisions regarding everything from the venue experience to ad sales to direct-to-consumer products. Panelists will discuss the latest trends and innovations, including the impact of artificial intelligence and technologies such as the data management platform, and address the skills needed to succeed in the digital age and the age of the consumer.
Panelists: Christy Chattleton, Doris Daif, Elizabeth O’Brien | Moderator: Vikram Somaya

REAL Insight: The Master Class
For more than two decades, WISE has recognized extraordinary women — those who have broken barriers, acted as a voice for other women and made a significant impact on the business of sports. In this session, WISE Women of the Year honorees share their challenges, pivotal moments of leadership and insights from their unique journeys. How can you recognize those big transitional moments and know what to do when they are right in front of you? How do you build your career and position yourself for leadership? What would they tell their younger selves?
Panelists: Lindsay Amstutz, Sarah Robb O’Hagan, Kim Stone | Moderator: Caroline Clarke

Meet Our Speakers

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