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Introducing the WISE Twin Cities Advisory Board


WISE Twin Cities is excited to announce the launch of its Advisory Board! The local WISE Twin Cities chapter launched in early 2018 and has continued to build and expand its reach in the Twin Cities community. As WISE Twin Cities begins its 5th year as a Chapter, the Advisory Board will become an integral piece in continuing to ignite the passion and purpose of WISE Twin Cities.

“This community of industry veterans and leaders are passionate about the WISE mission, and are actively engaged and impacting the Twin Cities Chapter. We believe the recognition and establishment of the Advisory Board will create additional connectivity, guidance and insight that will take WISE Twin Cities to the next level.” - Kara Kawakami, Executive Vice President, WISE Twin Cities Chapter

The WISE Twin Cities Board of Directors and committees will continue to drive the day to day operations of the Chapter, while the Advisory Board will provide thought leadership and guidance.

WISE Twin Cities is honored and grateful to introduce the members of the 2022 WISE Twin Cities Advisory Board. Click here for more information about the Advisory Board. For information on how to join the Advisory Board, please reach out to WISE Twin Cities at




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