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2020 Member Spotlight: Susan Murray, Tickets for Kids


On June 25, WISE Twin Cities hosted its first Member Spotlight on Instagram Live to kick off its new Member Spotlight series. WISE VP of Social Media and Engagement, Kristin Gow, chatted with Susan Murray, Minnesota’s Regional Director for Tickets for Kids.

Susan Murray

Top-line Facts

  • Susan Murray
  • Tickets for Kids, Regional Director, Minnesota
  • WISE member since 2017
  • “I’m involved with a lot of organizations and networking groups. WISE has been the most valuable. It is energizing and empowering to be in a room with so many working in different areas and levels in this industry."

Spotlight Notes

  • Susan’s current role and her favorite part of what she does:
    • Tickets for Kids serves kids that live in the shadows of our stadiums, our cultural institutions, but never get to see the inside of them. These children want to participate in the fun, but have never had the opportunity to do so. That’s where Tickets for Kids comes in, it helps these kids and organizations reach one another through that connection.
  • Susan’s tips for working and getting involved with a non-profit:
    • You truly have to be a mission focused person. You have to care about your community and you have to get involved with a non-profit that you really, really care about what they’re fighting for.
    • It’s incredibly different from volunteer experiences. There is a whole business side of non-profits, and if you have good business people on the backend, your non-profit is going to be more impactful and successful in the end.
  • How can you help non-profits right now?
    • Donate financially. Think about the ones that are providing immediate resources, but also think about the ones that you want to be around in the long term that provides resources that are incredibly important for the future.
    • If you have a little extra time right now, find something good to do in your community. Give back and be productive. You can also help by volunteering and keep that community focus in mind.
  • To watch the Instagram Live, click here.
  • Connect with Susan here.

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