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Mentoring: Everything I Expected and More

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Amy Scheer (right) with her mentee at the WISE Within NYC Metro kick-off session.


Every day, there is so much going on in everybody's lives, so when I can, I like to simplify things. Although I have my moments of crises, there is one golden rule I like to live by: Treat others as you would like others to treat you.

Exceeding Expectations

I am a lucky lady who has had the opportunity to learn, perform and represent high-level businesses, and throughout my education and career, I have been fortunate to have had mentors at every level who have taught me many different things. Seeing the joy they felt — and still feel today — from seeing me succeed was more than enough to make me want to have the same impact on someone else's life, professionally or personally.

I had my expectations going into the WISE Within program. I was prepared to give practical career advice and offer support to my mentee. What I found far exceeded those expectations. It felt great to have my mentee value what I had to offer and then watch as she put my feedback into action and got results. But even better was the conversation. The more we talked about what we did and the challenges we faced, the more it became a working session for both of us. I received some great advice and acted on it successfully.

The Special Bonds of Mentorship

My mentee and I were able to connect on so many levels, and I was pleasantly surprised that from our mentorship came a friendship that has lasted after the program's end. We still talk and get together regularly. It's amazing that this opportunity to mentor through WISE Within has brought someone special into my life.

There is no doubt that over our time together I learned a lot from her as well. That is the beauty of mentoring. It's not necessarily about immediate contacts and help; it is about forming that bond, one that has the potential to have an impact over years and not just months. I can only hope as I continue on in my career that I am able to positively impact people in a way that makes a difference — whether it be as a formal mentor, colleague or boss.

In this instance, treating others as I would like — and have had — others treat me has meant being a mentor, and it has paid back dividends in the form of an incredibly rewarding experience and a new friendship.

Amy Scheer

About Amy Scheer

Sports industry veteran, Amy Scheer oversees all of the New York Red Bulls' revenue driving departments including Ticket Sales, Fan Services & Ticket Operations, Partnership Marketing and Red Bull Training Programs. She previously held positions with NYCFC, Grand Central Terminal, New York Liberty and New Jersey Nets.

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