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Seven Reasons Why You Should Mentor

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Ever consider being a mentor but uncertain if it is right for you? You may wonder if you have anything to offer or a fear of failure holds you back. Maybe there doesn’t seem to be time to fit in one more commitment. Our WISE Within mentors have experienced similar concerns and share why being a mentor was one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.

  1. The best place to start is defining what it means to be a mentor. Kerry Lange gives us some great thoughts around coaching, advocating and making sure no one should have to go it alone.
  2. At one time or another, most mentors have questioned if they have what it takes to be a mentor or why me?  Not quite sure what you have to offer? Jennifer Slomack has some questions to get you started.
  3. If you have benefited from mentorship in any form, Rodnell Workman makes the case that it is your responsibility to pay it forward and extend that good will to others.
  4. It takes courage to be a mentor. Krista Massey reminds us how courage comes into play in mentorship and throughout our careers.
  5. Amy Scheer shares that treating others as you would like to be treated can often lead a mentoring relationship to a friendship and be even more rewarding than expected.
  6. If we meet a mentee who is so accomplished herself, we may wonder what could we possibly teach her that she doesn’t already know? Amanda Petrak’s experience shows us that there is always something that can be learned from others in every situation.
  7. Michelle Berg argues that we all mentor — whether or not we officially sign up for the job or not — just by listening and exploring the what-ifs with another person. If that is the case, then there is much to gain in a formal mentor role, so why not give it a shot?

This post was contributed by Christie Lenox, a member of the WISE Within National Committee and a former WISE Within mentee. Read more about the program and stories from program alumni here.