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WISE/R Symposium 2017 Photo Gallery

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Our 2017 Symposium participants share their WISE/R experience …


“This was my first WISE event, and it will definitely not be my last. It was so empowering to be surrounded by such amazing women and hearing about the journey’s of some of the most powerful women in sports, which makes you realize anything is possible if you want it bad enough and work hard to get it.”
— Tara Bell

“I experienced just about every emotion throughout the day and did not take my eyes away from the stage once. It was a feeling like no other to mix and mingle with incredible women whom I have looked up to as I begin to launch my career. I left with a new sense of self and a renewed dedication to continue the legacy of Women in Sports and Events that these ladies have pioneered and to make sure each generation of smart and passionate women has more opportunity than the last.”
— Emily Campeas

“I left the event with my cup running over with knowledge and key connections. It was so great to be in a place with women giving of themselves and genuinely wanting to help and pass on and impart knowledge.”  
Kim Clark

“Going to the WISE/R Symposium helped me realize that there is no one path to any position. I’ve always thought to myself, ‘I’m going to have this position, then this position, then this position.’ The reality is that a career is moving up, down and side to side, and it’s great to see other women who have done that and succeeded.”
— Alexa Fletcher, WISE NYC Metro

“I was absolutely blown away by this year’s symposium. I have been fortunate enough to attend other women’s networking events, and this was by far the best I’ve ever attended. The speakers were great, the topics were relevant, and I really felt like I took away quite a bit.”
— Nicole Gamache, WISE NYC Metro

“Attending the WISE symposium provides so much value, content and networking opportunities that it would be a mistake to miss it. The reputations and the respect that all the women in the room have acquired is so impressive and really showcases what an amazing impact we have.”
— Michele Kajiwara, WISE Los Angeles

“Every moderator was absolutely perfect for every panel. The panelists shared valuable information useful to those hoping to begin a career in sports and through their leadership roles shared how one could rise, as well.”
— Merri Lee Kingsly
, WISE NYC Metro

“I walked away from the WISE symposium feeling empowered, inspired and uplifted. I loved hearing from all the different women about their life experiences and career paths. I was reminded that it’s not easy and that we all need a network of strong women around us to achieve our goals and find strength when we need it most. In a world where it seems like it’s a constant uphill battle, it’s refreshing to hear from women who’ve ‘made it’ yet never stop fighting the fight for all of us and continue to demand more.”
— Jillian Lloyd 

“WISE/R was a great shot in the arm to renew my focus and attention to the important things. I walked away feeling confident in my space and more empowered to help other women in our field.”
— Ellen Lucey, WISE Atlanta

“[WISE/R] was extremely insightful and far exceeded my expectations. It was great to see so many successful women in a male-dominated industry and learn how they got to this phase in their careers. Very inspiring.”
— Jennifer Miller

“In an industry where, as individuals, we often find ourselves to be the only woman in the room, the value that the WISE/R Symposium creates by bringing together a powerhouse of women in sports is impressive and unparalleled.”
— Katie Miller, WISE National

“The WISE/R Symposium was an empowering event and provided much perspective about career pathways.”
— Eileen O’Reilly