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WISE/R Symposium 2019 Sessions

WISE/R Symposium

June​ 18, join your fellow WISE members in New York City for our annual WISE/R Symposium, a one-day event that provides the opportunity to step away from your daily routine to focus on your personal and professional development.




Keynote Session — REAL Power: Women with Money
Women have more money — and more power — than ever before. So why do we still lack confidence when it comes to using it to get what we want? Whether you're looking to secure your future, build your career or business, launch your kids into independence or give back in a way that is fulfilling, be prepared for a no-holds-barred conversation on how to find financial satisfaction, purpose and joy.
Keynote Speaker: Jean Chatzky

REAL Insight: The Master Class
For a quarter-century, WISE has recognized extraordinary women — those who have broken barriers, acted as a voice for other women and made a significant impact on the business of sports. In this session, our 2019 WISE Women of Distinction honorees share their challenges, pivotal moments of leadership and insights from their unique journeys. How can you recognize those big transitional moments and know what to do when they are right in front of you? How do you build your career and position yourself for leadership? What would you tell your younger selves? Honorees answer questions like these and more.
Panelists: Anita DeFrantz, Janet Fletcher, Lisa Murray, Michele A. Roberts, Suzanne Smith | Moderator: Caroline Clarke

More sessions will be announced soon.

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Agenda, timing, sessions and speakers are subject to change.