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WISE/R Symposium 2019 Sessions

WISE/R Symposium

On June​ 18, join your fellow WISE members in New York City for our annual WISE/R Symposium, a one-day event that provides the opportunity to step away from your daily routine to focus on your personal and professional development.




8–8:45 a.m.   Registration  |  Networking Breakfast  |  Headshots sponsored by NBA/WNBA

8:45 a.m.–12:45 p.m.  Morning Sessions

12:45–2:15 p.m.  Lunch  |  Setting Goals Together

2:15–5:30 p.m.  Afternoon Sessions

5:30–6:30 p.m.  Reception


REAL Transitions: Navigating Our Professional Moves
Sponsored by NFL
The decision to make a change isn’t always an easy one, especially when it comes to our professional lives. Throughout our careers, we’ll regularly face the question of when it’s time to move on, whether that be from a position, an organization or an entire industry. How will we know it’s the right choice, and if it is, what’s the next move? Our panelists, all WISE Women of the Year honorees, discuss the importance of considering new opportunities, the decision-making process involved and the ins and outs of navigating the transition.
Panelists: Sara Levinson (1995), Stephanie Tolleson (2001), LeslieAnne Wade (2003) | Moderator: Dana Jacobson

REAL Careers: The Road to Collegiate Athletics
Sponsored by ESPN
Working in sports doesn’t begin and end at the professional level. Collegiate sports are extremely popular, often competing with professional leagues and teams for media revenue and attention. Plus, they offer a unique opportunity to cultivate future leaders in the over 400,000 men and women student-athletes participating in sanctioned athletics. Committed to academic achievement and athletic excellence, college athletic departments and their staffs play key roles in these students’ success on the playing field and off it. If you want to make a lasting impact in sports and beyond, college athletics may be for you.
Panelists: China Jude, Judith Sweet, Carla Williams | Moderator: Carol Stiff

REAL Power: Women with Money
Sponsored by MLB
Women have more money — and more power — than ever before. So why do we still lack confidence when it comes to using it to get what we want? Whether you're looking to secure your future, build your career or business, launch your kids into independence or give back in a way that is fulfilling, be prepared for a no-holds-barred conversation on how to find financial satisfaction, purpose and joy.
Featured Speaker: Jean Chatzky

REAL Value: Say Yes to Success
Sponsored by '47
Success is within reach — you just have to position yourself to achieve it. In this lively and motivational session, human resources executive Eric Hutcherson utilizes humor and personal expertise to lead participants in a discussion ranging from the five strategies behind his PRIDE Principle to the power of personal branding to the simple realization that we are always on an interview. Learn how to maximize your monetized value, reach your personal and professional goals, and say yes to success.
Featured Speaker: Eric Hutcherson

REAL Connections: Setting Goals Together
Sponsored by Coca-Cola
In this high-energy and entertaining session, participants collaborate with colleagues and peers to define success on their own terms, set personal and professional goals, and navigate the hurdles to reach them. Follow Newton’s laws of motion with your “First, Next Step” — one action that will propel your plan forward — and get out of your own way with a game show–style rousing round of “Big Excuse Bingo.” Everyone leaves a winner when we work together!
Facilitator: Valerie Gordon

REAL Leadership: Executive Coaching
Sponsored by AEG
Is executive coaching the hot new trend in professional development? While engagement of leadership advisers may be new to the sports industry, the practice is not. This panel of experts breaks down the myths and discusses the value of executive coaching in helping individuals and teams achieve their full potential. They’ll walk you through their processes and answer such key questions as who should engage a coach and how to determine the best one for you.
Panelists: Kelley Amadei, Richard Davis, Cornelia Shipley | Moderator: Kelley Walton

REAL Conversation: #BiasCorrect
Sponsored by Reebok
Unconscious bias runs deep in our homes, in our relationships and in our workplaces, creating barriers to advancement, opportunities and inclusion, especially for women, and we’re all susceptible to perpetuating its damaging influence. But once we start recognizing these implicit associations exist, we can begin to overcome them. This conversation between Serena Fong of Catalyst and Kathleen Francis of WISE explores how unconscious bias plays out in our careers and daily lives and what resources are available to combat its negative effects, beginning with a look at our own behavior.

REAL Insight: The Master Class
Sponsored by NHL
For a quarter-century, WISE has recognized extraordinary women — those who have broken barriers, acted as a voice for other women and made a significant impact on the business of sports. In this session, our 2019 WISE Women of Distinction honorees share their challenges, pivotal moments of leadership and insights from their unique journeys. How do you build your career and position yourself for leadership? What would you tell your younger selves? Honorees answer questions like these and more.
Panelists: Janet Fletcher, Michele A. Roberts, Suzanne Smith | Moderator: Caroline Clarke


Meet Our Speakers

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