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WISE Within: FAQs

WISE Within FAQs

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How long is the program?
Approximately six months. The program runs from spring until fall (April to October). The schedule will vary slightly from chapter to chapter.

How much time will I need to commit?
Those who make the program a priority and use the resources provided benefit the most.

  • The program includes three mandatory group sessions and regular monthly individual meetings.
  • Mentoring pairs are asked to meet a minimum of once every four weeks, either by phone or in person. Over the course of the program period, at least two meetings should be in person.
  • Our exclusive online content provides you with additional resources.

Why are the group sessions mandatory?
The group sessions are integral elements of the program. They allow for dialogue among the group, giving the opportunity for all participants to develop resource connections, address issues/concerns, discuss challenges/solutions and share different perspectives.

What if I have another commitment or am out of town when a group session is scheduled?
We understand that schedule conflicts are unavoidable and encourage you to connect with other participants outside of the formal group sessions and through our Member Directory.

Aside from the group and individual sessions, what else is involved?
Program materials will be provided along the way and your chapter WISE Within committee will check in with you to make sure your mentoring relationship is progressing. You will also be asked to provide feedback (two surveys). Your timely completion of the surveys is important to our assessment of the the mentoring relationship and program. Your chapter WISE Within committee will be available should you have questions or need assistance.

Is there a fee for participating in the program?
No. The WISE Within Mentor Program is a benefit of a WISE professional level membership. You must be a current member to apply and there is a membership fee to join WISE. Student members are not eligible. Join WISE now.

I have a student membership because I am pursuing an MBA. I have worked professionally and then decided to go back to school. How can I apply?
If you meet the mentee criteria, you will need to upgrade to a professional membership to be eligible to apply. (1) Log in and renew/join at the professional rate. (2) Contact us to alert us of the situation so that we may properly update your profile and if eligible, process a refund of your student membership fees.
: Application does not guarantee acceptance. Should you not be accepted into the program, the professional dues are non-refundable and we are not able to downgrade you back to a student membership.

Can I join WISE when I apply for the program?
Yes, you may complete the online WISE membership registration, and then log in to apply for WISE Within. Join WISE now.

When will I know if I have been accepted?
Online applications will be accepted through the end of February. You will be provided with an update in late March.

When will I meet my mentoring partner?
Mentoring pairs will officially be introduced face-to-face at the kick-off group session.

How many people can participate in one cycle?
In most instances, there will be between five to 12 mentoring pairs for each chapter.

Can I participate if I do not live in or near one of the chapter cities?
No. The program requires one-to-one in-person meetings with your mentoring partner and attendance at onsite group sessions. The success of the mentoring experience is dependent on the face-to-face connection and group interaction.

I still have questions. Who do I contact?
Your chapter representative will be able to provide you with answers.



What are my responsibilities as a mentee?
You are responsible for setting your career development goal(s) and for proactively driving and managing the mentoring relationship. This includes initiating and maintaining contact, scheduling meetings and working with your mentor to establish clear expectations and objectives. We encourage you to be clear and direct in your communications with your mentor so that s/he can help you. This is an opportunity for you to challenge yourself to personal and professional development. You are expected to be fully engaged and committed to the program.

What do I need to do to prepare for the program?
Once accepted into the program, you will be provided with materials to help you prepare for your first meeting with your mentor. The materials will prompt you to consider development areas that you would like to work on during the program period. We strongly recommend that you spend the necessary time and energy in determining your specific career needs and establishing your goals prior to your first meeting with your mentor.

Does my application mean that I am accepted into the program?
No, application does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Matches are contingent upon the number of mentees and mentors within the applicant pool and participation is based on the quality of match.

I applied for the program and was not selected even though I meet all the criteria. How does that happen?
The prevailing factor in the selection process is the quality of the match and compatibility, as these comprise the basis of a successful mentoring relationship. When matching mentees with mentors, we consider the mentee's professional and personal career objectives and strive to match them with a mentor's experience, professional and personal strengths and the goals of the program. While you may meet the criteria, there is the possibility that there is not a mentor applicant who can meet your career development needs. Those that are placed in the program are done so after careful evaluation where an appropriate match is determined.

Can my mentor (or the program) help me find a job or help me make connections?
The goal of the program is NOT to facilitate or guarantee job placement. The program provides a platform for you to work with a mentor on professional development and career strategies, and to share experiences and learn from an industry leader. While participation in the program has led to job opportunities, that is not its purpose.

What if there is a particular mentor that I would like to be matched with?
There is no guarantee as to who your mentor would be as we must consider the quality of the match and who would best meet your needs and career goals. You may indicate on your application form your ideal match and any other information that would help us determine the best fit.

What can I expect from my mentor?
Your mentor offers guidance, information, support, feedback, resources and ideas that will contribute to your professional development and help you meet your career goals. S/he will share experiences, mutual learning and interests but it is up to you to take ownership and devote the necessary time for your own growth and development.



What are my responsibilities as a mentor?
Honor your commitment to the program and devote the necessary time and energy to make mentoring a priority. Be available, follow through and respond to your mentee’s inquiries.

What does my mentee expect from me?
Your mentee will look to you to offer guidance, information, support, feedback, resources and ideas that will contribute to her career, professional and personal development.

How do mentors benefit from the program?
Mentoring is an opportunity to give back to women in the industry by guiding and nurturing the next generation of leaders. Our group sessions facilitate the sharing of ideas and experiences, and the expansion of professional networks by connecting with other mentors and mentees. Working with your mentee will provide insight to the values, expectations and work styles of mid-level professionals.

I feel that my experience would be most beneficial to a mentee who is working in a particular area of the industry. Would you be able to match me based on that qualification?
In addition to the mentee’s career goals and needs, the mentee’s background is one of the areas we consider when making the match. Please indicate on your application form your ideal match and any other information that would help us determine the best fit.