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WISE Replay: Navigating Our Finances


Hello, WISE Community,

I’m thrilled to have spent some time with you answering your up-to-the-minute financial questions. If you missed the live session, you can watch the replay, but I also know that you need resources to keep you in the loop. My team at has been leaning into this content, doing a ton of research and pumping out answers on a daily basis. Below are some stories you may find useful.

— Jean Chatzky




A to Z Financial Resources: From applying for unemployment to getting those stimulus checks (when are they coming, again?), we got you. You’ll find info on those paycheck protection loans for small businesses, what to do if you’re having trouble paying your credit card bill and whether your mortgage and student loan payments have to be made. 

Will You Get a $1,200 Check: If you’re not quite sure whether you’ve got money coming your way — and if so how much — here’s the breakdown. Plus, we’ve got some advice about what to do with the money once you get it. 

How to Make Good Financial Decisions in Uncertain Times: A special episode of the HerMoney podcast with Carl Richards, financial adviser and expert in human behavior (you may have seen his napkin sketches in The New York Times). He weighs in on what to do about your investments, savings, and plans (whether those plans are just paused, no longer plausible or somewhere in between).

Can Your Portfolio Weather the Coronavirus Storm: How should you handle your investments in the face of such volatility — and when values are down 20%, even 30%? How should you handle the emotional roller coaster, as well? Jeanne Thompson of Fidelity Investments has sage advice based on prior times of turbulence (we’re looking at you, 1987, 2001 and 2008!).

How to Avoid Coronavirus Scams: When the times get tough, the fraud industry revs up, and this time is no different. Frank Abagnale (yes, that Frank Abagnale) weighed in on what’s coming and how to avoid getting taken.

Recession Q&A: What is a recession? Are we in one already (experts say, yes), and how will it impact your day-to-day financial life? What does it mean for investments? Your real estate? Your employment picture? And more.

How to Rock Any Work From Home Situation: The members of HerMoney’s private Facebook group are working from home and offering up strategies that are actually working for getting it done, maintaining your autonomy, steering clear of the bottomless fridge, even what to wear!

P.S. We’ll keep publishing. So check back at regularly for important updates.


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