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Staying Active While Staying Home

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The benefits of exercise extend far beyond just a toned physique. There’s a lot that exercise can do to improve our mental health, as well, including reducing anxiety and depression and helping us better handle problems and concerns that pop up in our everyday lives. Exercising just a few days a week can make an overall positive difference in our quality of life.

While going to a gym or a class can be an ideal way to ensure we get the exercise we need, there are plenty of ways to continue to stay active while staying home. In addition to a daily walk or run, there are many different fitness apps and YouTube videos that you can try at home. YouTube videos are free to view, and the apps below offer free trials before requiring the purchase of a subscription. To take advantage of the free trials, you’ll have to provide your credit card information for all but the Nike Training Club app. You won’t be billed before the free-trial period ends, but don’t forget to cancel before it does if you’re not planning to continue with a paid subscription. Length of free trials vary by app, so take note of the specifics. The apps and videos below allow for versatile workouts that are also inclusive of a variety of fitness levels.

Nike Training Club: Diverse workouts that offer something for everyone. After spending some time training with the app, personalized workout recommendations will be made based on your routine. The app is offering its premium service for free during these trying times. To participate, you’ll need to become a Nike member; the sign-up for that is free, as well. iOS  Android

Peloton: Though known for its exercise equipment, Peloton offers thousands of classes that you can easily participate in at home with little to no equipment. 30-day free trial. iOS  Android

Sworkit: Especially beneficial for people who may be new to exercising or who may find it hard to find time to exercise. These guided workouts are designed to help you develop an exercise routine and stick to it. Seven-day free trial. iOS  Android

Daily Burn: From high intensity to recovery, Daily Burn has a workout for every fitness preference. 60-day free trial. iOS  Android

Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn: Whether you’re using yoga for meditation, stretching or to tone a specific part of your body, this app has a yoga workout for everyone. 30-day free trial. iOS 

Standalone workout videos can be helpful, as well. The five listed below don’t take much time and offer another way to reap the benefits of exercise in your own home.


Offerings, including any free basic sessions, programs or trials, were current at the time of publication.