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For a quarter of a century, WISE has successfully helped women in the business of sports navigate and advance their careers by providing networking, mentoring and development opportunities. These tools have not only helped them be their best professional selves, but have allowed them to support a growing network of peers. Over the years, WISE members have shared how WISE has worked for them.


Alisa Bugaj -- WISE San Diego
“I learned quickly that being a leader and a woman in fitness is a big responsibility. It was important for me to engage in all areas of sports and events and to gain new perspectives from fellow leaders like myself in order to grow. Being elected the WISE San Diego chapter’s director of mentorship has provided me a wonderful platform to utilize my skill sets and passion in helping women take the next step in their careers. Through WISE San Diego, I am able to combine the best of both worlds — mentorship and the business of sports/fitness.
— Alisa Bugaj (2018)


Helyne Joseph -- WISE San Diego
“The WISE Within [mentoring program] is a great way to receive advice for career growth at any point along your journey. The team will do their very best to partner you with an industry professional that matches your growth interests. In my experience, the mentors take great initiative and interest in finding avenues that will help you tap into your potential. I’m extremely happy with the results I’ve seen in my career during the time I spent participating.”
— Helyne Joseph (2018)

Helyne Joseph (right) with her mentor.


Gema Tarango -- WISE San Diego
“Through WISE San Diego, I was able to connect and form lifelong bonds with some incredibly talented women in the local sports industry. About a year ago, I was looking for a change of pace in my career. Through my WISE San Diego network, I became aware of an opportunity that I could not pass up. My WISE involvement and connections within the company jump-started the hiring process and helped me land my current role. I’m constantly inspired by the women I meet through WISE San Diego, and I strive to inspire others in our industry. WISE absolutely works!”
— Gema Tarango Deleon (2015)