WISE Within Mentor Program

WISE Within Works for Mentees

WISE Within San Diego mentee Morgan Hamlin with her mentor Cathy Jerome sitting

WISE Within San Diego mentee Morgan Hamlin (left) with her mentor Cathy Jerome.

Since 2007, WISE Within has successfully helped women in the business of sports navigate and advance their careers through a structured mentoring program. Over the years, WISE mentees have shared how WISE Within has worked for them. 

From the Mentees...

"Each and every one of us has the capability of taking the next steps in our career; WISE is and will continue to be the extra boost of confidence that gets us to that next step. Change makers make a difference by thinking big, leading with confidence and — arguably the most important — believing in themselves. The WISE Within mentoring program and WISE conferences have grown my self-reliance and have provided me with lifelong relationships. WISE isn't traditional networking; you are becoming a member of a network, one that provides unparalleled connections."

— Ashley Beirne, WISE Chicago

"When I applied to the WISE Within program, I had no idea it would bring me one of the most important people in my professional career. I can remember the first time Cathy Jerome and I spoke on the phone. We chatted for well over an hour, talking about important issues that face women within the sports world and what it means to juggle life and a successful career. That was three years ago, and now, Cathy is someone I consider not only my mentor, but a close friend."

— Morgan Hamlin, WISE San Diego

"The WISE Within opportunity is a great way to receive advice for career growth at any point along your journey. The team will do their very best to partner you with an industry professional that matches your growth interests. In my experience, the mentors take great initiative and interest in finding avenues that will help you tap into your potential. I'm extremely happy with the results I've seen in my career during the time I spent participating."

— Helyne Joseph, WISE Washington DC

"The WISE Within program paired me with an excellent senior-level woman in the sports industry. The care and dedication the WW Committee took to curate matches was evident, as I was matched with a dream mentor who discussed with me [her career] path. I appreciated learning that challenges exist at all levels and that women at all levels can learn from each other. I also learned better questions to ask when facing tough situations at work and how to overcome adversity. By going through the program, I became more confident in my future career path, the changes I would need to make and behaviors that inspire others to be their best. From this program, I have now developed a professional relationship that I will carry with me for a long time and will always treasure."

— Erin Markee, WISE NYC Metro

"Before this program, I have always wanted a mentor but never really understood how the relationships worked. This program paired me with someone that I had common interests with outside of work and it allowed us to obtain a friendship where we helped each other! I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate... otherwise I would have never met my mentor. Thanks, WISE!!!!"

— Michanda Myles, WISE Atlanta

"Being a WISE Within mentee has provided me with so much insight into what I need to focus on in my own personal life and career aspirations, that I could never say enough about the program to anyone who is considering it. A lot of times you feel you should be headed in one direction in life. A mentor can help step into your world from a 'balcony' perspective, uncover key points about yourself and your habits that you may not have recognized, and help you 'right your ship' onto sometimes a totally different path that you may not have even considered. The unselfish and genuine interest in your life that a mentoring relationship can provide is a lifelong gift that anyone should become a part of, if given the opportunity."

— Kimberly Parker, WISE SF Bay Area

"I am beyond thrilled with everything that I've gained as a mentee through WISE Within. The support, guidance and encouragement that my mentor provided not only helped me achieve my goals, it has also enabled me to develop some important skills for the future. The most valuable part of my relationship with my mentor was knowing I always had someone rooting for me. It was reassuring to have someone who really cared and wanted to help me succeed. I feel incredibly grateful to have been a part of the program and would strongly recommend other members to be a part of WISE Within."

— Lizzie Seedhouse, WISE Tampa Bay

"The WISE mentor program helped me immensely to gain insight. It provided me with the tools, resources and support to launch a campaign that benefitted 10,000 children to gain access to safe water. My mentor is a true role model and I feel lucky to have been part of such a meaningful and impacting experience with the WISE mentor program."

— Katie Spotz, WISE Cleveland

"The WISE Within mentor program provided personal guidance as I aimed to understand different sides of the sports marketing business. My mentor was able to help me focus on my personal goals, motivations and ambitions to help me begin to chart the next step in my career. I greatly appreciated her tough questions and support! Today, I'm much more self-aware of my professional ambitions."

— Micki Velmer, WISE Atlanta