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Insights: How to Stand Out among Other Job Seekers

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Submitted by: WISE San Francisco member | 15+ years professional experience

What are some ways you, as a job seeker, can stand out from the rest during this challenging economy?


You need to highlight your experience and where you have had some achievements. Make sure your resume has the “wow” factor when people read it.
Don't apply for every job you see within the same organization unless you have the experience they are seeking. Many job seekers make the mistake of thinking, “Well, I can do the job if I am given the chance because I did something similar in a prior job." If you apply to multiple jobs for which you aren't qualified or have had experience in a similar company, it will appear that you don't have a clue what your next job should be, and you will not be considered.

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Jane Hollman has more than 25 years experience in senior human resources roles at large multinationals and sports across Asia Pacific and the United States. Currently a career coach, she helps business leaders and university students think through their career paths. Hollman is passionate about creating flexible, innovative work places and mentors women looking to start their own businesses. She is also a freelance writer covering the business of sports for publications such as Women Talking Sports.

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