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Insights: How to Shape Long-term Aspirations in the Short Term

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Submitted by: WISE Chicago member | 6-15 years professional experience

What do you suggest someone should do who is still in the learning/development stages of their new job and wants to be taken seriously as a permanent fixture, but is unsure of their long-term career aspirations?


Many of the characteristics that make you an excellent contributor have nothing to do with your long-term plan. Focus on building a reputation based on your personal values and take pride in your work.

Be a good teammate. Keep your word. Maintain a positive attitude. Demonstrate good self-management particularly during stressful times so that your attitude doesn’t exacerbate the situation. View new projects with an open mind — and constantly seek to add value.

Then when new opportunities come along you’ll be positioned well to be considered for them. Determining what you ultimately want is an ongoing process and working across a broad scope of areas will help you narrow down exactly what you care about.

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