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Insights: How to Find a More Challenging Job

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Submitted by: WISE NYC Metro member | 6-15 years professional experience

I have been in the sports entertainment business for nearly 10 years. My current experience feels quite niche and yet, I am not challenged and would like to broaden my opportunities. How can I change sports/areas or disciplines to provide challenge and excitement to my career?


The key word in your question is “business.” You need to make a business case for why someone should hire you. In order to do so, you need to clearly understand what you have to offer a potential employer and how it is relevant to the prospective employer's needs. The clearer you are on these two points, the easier it will be to transition into another position/sport. Be careful to steer clear of those who tell you that changing sports or disciplines can’t be done. There are always exceptions and those who can clearly articulate their unique benefit are positioned well to make a transition.

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