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Insights: How to Develop a Networking Connection

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Submitted by: WISE NYC Metro member | 15+ years professional experience

After a networking event, how do you turn follow-up into actions that benefit you? For example, after meeting someone at an event that seems very exciting about helping you, you follow up with them, but there is no real action. How do you continue to develop the relationship?


Assuming you learned something about this person in the course of the initial conversation, you may be able to use that as leverage, so it doesn't seem as if this is "just business." When you follow up, be cordial. For example, "You asked me to follow up and I'm taking the opportunity at this time."

If this isn't successful, I would wait to try again in one business week to ten days. If you have to try again a third time, make it a month after the first encounter. After three times, you need to let it go.

You may also be able to go through a member of the person's support staff or someone that you both have a connection with through LinkedIn.

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