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For a quarter of a century, WISE has successfully helped women in the business of sports navigate and advance their careers by providing networking, mentoring and development opportunities. These tools have not only helped them be their best professional selves, but have allowed them to support a growing network of peers. Over the years, WISE members have shared how WISE has worked for them.


Ashley Beirne -- WISE Chicago

“Each and every one of us has the capability of taking the next steps in our career; WISE is and will continue to be the extra boost of confidence that gets us to that next step. Change-makers make a difference by thinking big, leading with confidence and — arguably the most important — believing in themselves. The WISE Within mentoring program and WISE conferences have grown my self-reliance and have provided me with lifelong relationships. WISE isn’t traditional networking; you are becoming a member of a network, one that provides unparalleled connections.
Ashley Beirne (2015)

Ashley Beirne (left) with her mentor at the WISE Within kickoff session.



Julie Haferkamp -- WISE Chicago
“My love of WISE dates back almost 11 years, when my first boss in Chicago shared that a new women’s organization had formed in the area. Over the next decade, WISE has taken me on a wonderful journey filled with friendship, learning, mentors and travel. It’s been a blessing to work alongside such wonderful women, be inspired by their stories and hear words of inspiration from so many icons in our industry. It’s one of the best organizations I’ve ever been a part of, and I encourage anyone looking to get better acquainted with sports and events to join.”
— Julie Haferkamp (2018)

Julie Haferkamp (third from left) with fellow WISE Chicago board members.



Lorien Parry -- WISE Chicago

“Figuring out how to navigate the world of sports and events to find a fulfilling career is not an easy task. The amazing women of WISE Chicago have provided me with the networking opportunities, support and education to truly set myself up for success. WISE Chicago has given me a humble confidence in my abilities, excitement for the future of the organization and pride in being a woman in the industry. I am looking forward to providing the same support to others.”
— Lorien Parry (2016)




Jorie Sax -- WISE Chicago
“I’ve always considered myself a ‘tomboy’ and felt more comfortable around men. I thought joining WISE would enhance my relationships with women, but I was wrong. It enhanced who I am and my identity as a female in sports and events, in turn causing me to form stronger relationships with women. My nearly 10 years of being involved in WISE has afforded me the opportunity to be a leader, negotiator, contributor and mentor among women (and men!). I am that much more confident, capable and wiser because of WISE.”
— Jorie Sax (2014)

Jorie Sax (second from left) at a WISE Chicago event.