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WISE Bookshelf: Shoe Dog


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Inspiration comes from many avenues. In our WISE Bookshelf feature, members share some of the titles that have encouraged them to think outside of the box, try a new approach or dig down deep for the confidence they needed to make that big decision, or simply allowed them a reprieve from the daily grind. Happy reading!


Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
Genre: Autobiography


I have read other books on the history of Nike, but this one by Nike founder Phil Knight is the best I have read. The stories of how he built the company and nearly lost it were fascinating and new to me.

The lessons I learned from reading this were about passion and drive and always believing in your product and yourself to succeed. I found the company's journey from a small office in Knight's house to the sprawling campus in Oregon to be so interesting. Learning about how he chose staff, took chances on those without experience and then moved people across the country into roles outside their comfort zones was a lesson in talent management.

Like the creators of other great companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, the key characteristic was Knight and his team's unshakable belief in what they were doing and the ability to stay the course when things started to go wrong. Really worth reading.

Submitted by: Jane Hollman | NYC Metro | 15+ years professional experience

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