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WISE Bookshelf: Breaking the Mould

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Inspiration comes from many avenues. In our WISE Bookshelf feature, members share some of the titles that have encouraged them to think outside of the box, try a new approach or dig down deep for the confidence they needed to make that big decision, or simply allowed them a reprieve from the daily grind. Happy reading!


Breaking the Mould: Taking a Hammer to Sexism in Sport by Angela Pippos
Genre: Nonfiction


Angela Pippos is a well-respected sports journalist in Australia, and her book takes you from the start of her career to present day. It contains some fascinating — and at times, horrifying — stories of what she had to deal with as she started her career as a sports reporter and the challenges that she and other women faced as they carved out a career in an otherwise all-male domain.

It is an inspiring story of how Pippos persevered and dealt with outright sexism and hostility from men who thought women didn't belong in the locker rooms or calling sport.

Submitted by: Jane Hollman  | NYC Metro | 15+ years professional experience

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