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WISE/R 2017 Sessions


Sessions and Speakers

REAL Relationships: HR — An Untapped Strategic Partner
At each level of your career, it is important to build strong strategic partnerships within your organization. One of the most overlooked, yet important partners, is your human resources group. This panel explores the value of this internal business unit in helping you navigate your company, uncover opportunities, grow your skill set and strategically build a successful team and career.
Panelists: Kerry Chandler, Shauna Gilhooly, Jenny King  |  Moderator: Amy Latimer

REAL Careers: Who's Running the Show?
Production can be an unpredictable process, with breaking news, live broadcasts and all the moving parts. The rarely seen but critically important players in our sports viewing experience are the people behind the cameras — the producers and directors. An increasing number of women are forging a path in sports television production, rising through the ranks and paving the way for others. This panel will dispel the myths behind the roles and help you navigate the space — where to start, how to transition and what skills are needed to excel. Panelists will discuss how these industry roles are changing and share how they built successful careers while still achieving work/life harmony.
Panelists: Rebecca Chatman, Suzanne Smith, Maria Soares  |  Moderator: Reena Ninan

REAL Power: Becoming the Best Version of Yourself
Sponsored by the National Hockey League
Executive, activist and entrepreneur Sarah Robb O'Hagan sits down with sportswriter Jane McManus for a candid and inspirational conversation about self-discovery, taking big risks, dealing with failure and rising to the top. Learn what inspired O'Hagan to develop a movement she describes as "extreme living," and explore this road map for individuals and teams who want to be the best version of themselves.

REAL Careers: Sales 2.0
Sponsored by FOX Sports
When we think of sales, we typically think of cold-calling and rejection. The reality is, selling pervades all we do in our daily lives. The traditional ways of selling have changed — from larger marketing programs replacing the 30-second advertising spot to a focus on the in-game experience in ticket sales. When we begin to consider sales as a medium to align brands, a way to engage with a target audience and a bridge to partnerships, we see its impact on our careers along the way.
Panelists: Ann Rodriguez, Kim Stone, Sarah Tourville  |  Moderator: Elisa Padilla

WISE Office Hours
Long-term and consistent professional growth is dependent on, among other things, the connections we make, the questions we ask and the ideas we share. WISE is delighted to introduce WISE Office Hours as part of this year's program. Through unique access to WISE Executive Leadership alumnae and panelists, connect one-on-one or in small group settings with successful senior leaders and executives in the industry.

REAL Communication: Your Executive Presence
The art of communication affects the thousands of daily interactions that determine the trajectory of our careers. "Executive presence," as it is known, isn't just for executives and touches on every phase of one's professional and personal life. In this interactive session, learn how to change negative communication habits and improve your presence with simple, actionable and repeatable techniques for any situation. Using a variety of tools and kinesthetic activities, explore simple and effective fixes to some of the biggest communications pitfalls experienced by professionals.
Facilitator: Michael Chad Hoeppner

REAL Leadership: Executive Education
Dubbed the most valuable program for women in the sports industry, the WISE Executive Leadership Institute provides participants with the tools and resources to become more effective leaders. Hear from WELI alumnae as they detail the lessons learned, the personal gains and the reasons you should consider attending.
Presenter: Johanna Faries

REAL Conversation: Digital — Where are the Women?
As technology continues to advance, a growing portion of our lives is experienced in the digital world. But how is digital defined today, and what are its greater implications and potential? Explore the many facets of this fluid medium, learn about the skill sets that allow participants to thrive in its landscape and discover your role — and the benefits of taking on an active one — in this sphere heavily shaped by users.
Panelists: Melissa Brenner, Sutian Dong, Jennifer Flynn  |  Moderator: Donna Goldsmith

REAL Insight: The Master Class
Sponsored by Major League Baseball
For more than two decades, WISE has recognized extraordinary women — those who have broken barriers, acted as a voice for other women and made a significant impact on the business of sports. Our panel of WISE Women of the Year honorees share their challenges, pivotal moments of leadership and insights from their unique journeys. How can you recognize those big transitional moments and know what to do when they are right in front of you? How do you build your career and position yourself for leadership? What would they tell their younger selves?
Panelists: Stacey Allaster, Doris Burke, Kathy Carter, Buffy Filippell, Gail Hunter, Amy Latimer, Kim Ng  |  Moderator: Caroline Clarke

* Agenda, timing, sessions and speakers are subject to change.